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UTM Security with Fortinet

Traditionally, network security (firewalls to block unauthorized users, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to keep attackers out, Web filters to avoid misuse of Internet browsing, and antivirus software to block malicious programs) required separate boxes with increased cost and complexity. Unified Threat Management (UTM) makes network security less complex, cheaper, and more effective by consolidating all these components.

Low Tech Hacking Street Smarts Security Pros

Low Tech Hacking teaches your students how to avoid and defend against some of the simplest and most common hacks. Criminals using hacking techniques can cost corporations, governments, and individuals millions of dollars each year. While the media focuses on the grand-scale attacks that have been planned for months and executed by teams and countries, there are thousands more that aren't broadcast.

HTML for Kids Learn HTML Basics

One beautiful morning when I was enjoying my freshly brewed coffee and looking forward to a busy, interesting day, my son came to me and asked “Dad! How do people create web sites? I heard they use HTML. How can I learn HTML?” That day evening, I spent a good time searching a right book for him. It was not a quest for any HTML book, but it was a research to find the right content according to his young age and experience.

Web Commerce Security

A top-level security guru for both eBay and PayPal and a best-selling information systems security author show how to design and develop secure Web commerce systems. Whether it's online banking or ordering merchandise using your cell phone, the world of online commerce requires a high degree of security to protect you during transactions. This book not only explores all critical security issues associated with both e-commerce and mobile commerce (m-commerce), it is also a technical manual for how to create a secure system.

Technological Turf Wars

Computer security is a technical and social problem. It is just as much about social relationships as it is about computers as tools. Internet security professionals are as concerned with how people use information as they are with how machines manipulate and process that information. This book is a case study of how the knowledge systems articulated by computer antivirus industry professionals affect technological security.

Browser Security Whitepaper

This white paper provides a technical comparison of the security features and attack surface of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. We aim to identify which browser provides the highest level of security in common enterprise usage scenarios, and show how differences in design and implementation of various security technologies in modern web browsers might affect their security. Comparisons are done using a qualitative approach since many issues regarding browser security cannot easily be quantified.

Learn to Hack RiSE- JavaScript, CSS & HTML

In this eBook ou will learn Front-End Developers HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) JavaScript CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Bridge between the designer and the back-end developers and programmers. Responsible for how people use the site and what they do with the site data Client-side scripts, not server-side programming. What is HTML, namely the language used by web browsers/clients to display web pages.