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General VPN Setup Cisco

GA virtual private network is a network of virtual circuits that carry private traffic over a public network such as the Internet. VPNs can connect two or more LANS, or remote users to a LAN. VPNs provide privacy and security by requiring all users to authenticate and by encrypting all data traffic. Many network environments define HTTP proxies that connect a web browser to a particular network resource. The HTTP traffic can reach the network resource only if the proxy is specified in the browser and the client routes the HTTP traffic to the proxy.

HTML CSS Bootstrap Framework

A static website is a group of self-contained, individual pages (or page), sent to the browser from the server one-page-at-a-time. Dyamic web content is built when it is requested, by the user directly, or programmatically while a user is on a page (e.g., facebook updates). Client-side (front-end) coding includes HTML, CSS and Javascript. This just means that our code will be downloaded from the server and then compiled entirely in the browser. This eBook discusses all this and everything on othe other topics.

Squid Proxy Beginners Guide

Reduce bandwidth use and deliver your most frequently requested web pages more quickly with Squid Proxy Server. This guide will introduce you to the fundamentals of the caching system and help you get the most from Squid. .Get the most out of your network connection by customizing Squid's access control lists and helpers. Set up and configure Squid to get your website working quicker and more efficiently. No previous knowledge of Squid or proxy servers is required. Part of Packt's Beginner's Guide series.

An Empirical Study of Browser's Evolution

The explosion of the web has profoundly changed the way we interact with software. From command-line applications to office automation, all our tools have been transformed into web applications accessible anywhere from any browser. HTML has become de facto the universal language for graphic interface description. The rise of the cloud puts the browser at the center of our interactions with modern computing. Our digital life, whether personal or professional, is centralized in this unique gateway to the digital world.

Penetration Testing A Hands On Introduction

Penetration testers simulate cyber attacks to find security weaknesses in networks, operating systems, and applications. Information security experts worldwide use penetration techniques to evaluate enterprise defenses. In Penetration Testing, security expert, researcher, and trainer Georgia Weidman introduces you to the core skills and techniques that every pentester needs. Using a virtual machine–based lab that includes Kali Linux and vulnerable operating systems, you’ll run through a series of practical lessons with tools like Wireshark, Nmap, and Burp Suite.

The PHP Anthology Tips Tricks & Hacks

The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition is a collection of powerful PHP 5 solutions to the most common programming problems. Featuring best-practice code and a commonsense approach to development, this book includes coverage of:Manage errors gracefully. Build functional forms, tables, and SEO-friendly URLs. Reduce load time with client- and server-side caching. Produce and utilize web services with XML. Secure your site using access control systems. Easily work with files, emails, and images. And much more.

Problematic Use Of Mobile Phones

Problematic use of mobile phones is an abnormal, but relatively widespread form of consumer consumption which has a range of negative social and financial consequences for many individuals. It is defined here as “a person’s perceived tendency to chronically use mobile phone services in excess of their needs and resources”. Although substantial research exists on problematic behavior in the tangible goods sector, our understanding of problematic consumption of a service-based ‘good’ like mobile phone use is limited.