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Social Engineering Attack Methods

Despite heavy investment in security infrastructure cyber crime is still growing both in  quantity and quality. With the enormous growth in adoption of Internet enabled applications  and devices the focus for cyber criminals is increasingly shifting from exploiting software  vulnerabilities to exploiting vulnerabilities in human behavior through the use of social  engineering methodologies. However, there only has been intermittent and as a result in  exhaustive academic scrutiny on it till date.

The objective of this research, therefore, is to reinvigorate the extant research on cyber crimes built using social engineering principles by giving new directions and in-depth perspectives.

This research focuses on new and emerging attack types, level of awareness regarding these attack types and the impact these new attack types potentially have on users’ ability to detect

The new and emerging attack types are presented across two separate research studies that result in a taxonomy of social engineering attacks.

In order to understand the level of  awareness and preparedness to tackle these new forms of attacks, a qualitative study of  security policies for online banking industry is carried out.

Finally, the impact of these new types of social engineering attacks is tested through an experimental study where subjects are exposed to a simulated version of some of these attacks in order to test their deception  detection abilities.

Together, the conceptual and the empirical studies contribute to research by: (1) providing a
systematic way to categorize social engineering attack types (2) suggesting a framework for
organizations to audit the adequacy of their security policies and (3) a revealing a new
direction and method for analyzing the impact of these attack types on users’ ability to detect

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