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Networks and Network Analysis

Shocks to regional, national, and global systems stemming from natural hazards, acts of armed violence, terrorism, and transnational crime have signi´Čücant defence and security implications. Today, nations face an uncertain and complex security landscape in which threats impact/target the physical, social, economic, and cyber domains. For example, acts of terrorism and organized crime are considered one of the greatest threats to national security. In the UK alone, the social and economic costs associated with organized crime are estimated between £20 and £40 billion per year.

The ‘‘network’’ mindset is very much about having a systems approach with regard to defence and security. Link analysis for example can be used to map associations among people, places, and commodities, after a crime or terrorist attack has occurred in order to identify the perpetrators.

Further, tools associated with social network analysis (SNA) can enrich the interpretive power of network analysis.

Insights derived from analysis of dark networks or critical infrastructures can position law enforcement and disaster management professionals with the requisite information for informed decision making.

This eBook Focuses On:

• Defence and security risk analysis
• Criminal intelligence • Cybercrime
• Cognitive analysis
• Counter-terrorism and Social Network Analysis
• Transnational Crime
• Critical infrastructure analysis
• Support to defence and security intelligence

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