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Whilst there are so many websites and blogs that host an array of eBooks, the majority are not dedicated to one particular field, hence may not suit their visitor's Interests In It's entirety.

We at, are committed to provide an extensive range of eBooks In the security sector. Be It your mobile device, personal computer or antivirus/firewall software, we've got you covered.

To assist with your navigation on this blog, every contribution Is categorized In It's respective section, by simply clicking on the "Security eBooks Categories" drop-down menu and making your selection thereafter. Of course, If you have a particular topic In mind, you can use the search function located next to the banner. It's well coded and returns very accurate results.

Prior to posting each eBook, we check for viruses and the like using 40 different scan engines, and only those that return zero detections, are uploaded and ready to download. We also briefly check the eBook's contents, to verify that It Is In fact what It claims to be.

Unlike many blogs that require user registration to access It's services, or contain monetizing redirection links with waiting periods to download their files, we only provide direct download links. Due to their locality or other restrictions, not everyone can access a given file hosting website, thus you'll see 6 alternative download links In each and every post.

To ensure your experience on this blog Is pleasant and hassle-free, we've decided not to promote any form of advertising. You will not come across a single ad, nor any popups or web page redirection. We dislike ads as much as you, so rest assured, this blog will remain ad-free Indefinitely.

Should you have any questions or concerns or simply wish to request an eBook or two, please use the Contact form and we'll endeavor to reply within a 24 hour window.


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Web Hacking 101

With a Foreword written by HackerOne Co-Founders Michiel Prins and Jobert Abma, Web Hacking 101 is about the ethical exploration of software for security issues but learning to hack isn't always easy. With few exceptions, existing books are overly technical, only dedicate a single chapter to website vulnerabilities or don't include any real world examples. This book is different. Using publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, Web Hacking 101 explains common web vulnerabilities and will show you how to start finding vulnerabilities and collecting bounties.

Android Things Quick Start Guide

Android Things is the new Android based Operating System for the Internet of Things. With this book you will learn the core concepts by running code examples on different peripherals. Android Things is the IoT platform made by Google, based on Android. It allows us to build smart devices in a simple and convenient way, leveraging on the Android ecosystem tools and libraries, while letting Google take care of security updates.

Programming QuickStart Box Set

This tutorial on HTML is designed specifically for aspiring developers and web designers. This tutorial is explained in enough detail with practical examples and a simple overview so that it can be easily understood by beginners and provides enough knowledge to design their own webpages. You can get a higher level of expertise with some practice.  HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the most commonly used language for developing web pages.